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Pasture & Range Protection

Insure your Rangeland for Lack of Rainfall


Pasture, Rangeland, Forage (PRF) Coverage

A federally subsidized crop insurance program

You can’t control the weather and unpredictable cattle prices. But you can protect yourself utilizing USDA subsidized insurance programs.

  • Based on the rainfall index using data collected by the NOAA since 1948
  • Can insure up to 90% of normal rainfall
  • Offset additional feed costs
  • Subsidized by the USDA and is affordable. In most cases, premium isn’t due until after the growing season.
  • Can insure leased acres as well

Protect your income and way of life. Contact us today!

Also inquire about our Livestock Risk Protection Program (LRP).

You don’t have to be a commodities expert to protect yourself against an unpredictable livestock market. Get an LRP policy to insure against declining market prices. Great feeder program for the cow/calf operation and stocker operation.

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